Reading #6 Structural Systems

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  1. Cristian Rodriguez

    Another another long reading… I feel like this went more in depth about what to do when it comes to choosing materials when designing a constructional frame. It also went into detail on how the beam ends work and how the whole system is connected, which is important, but at the same time we should be able to know what type of lumber we should be using when creating a wooden frame, for example. Overall, my right hand was pretty crippled after writing notes but I feel like I got a good amount of useful information out of this reading.

  2. Janan Yu

    This reading was pretty hard to complete as there was a lot of information to absorb. I have gotten a much better understanding of how different materials can be used to create structural systems, which has been quite interesting to me. What I also found interesting was how in-depth the materials shown get this to me makes the reading very important. I could see myself looking back into this reading and my notes that I have taken in the future for clarity. I would recommend this reading to my colleagues if they are looking to get really serious about how structural systems are made and what holds them together.

  3. Justin pazmino

    I always wondered how the interior of the wall has . What I didn’t know how each piece in the wall has a big effect in holding the wall up and being resistant to water and etc.

  4. Shirley Garcia

    This reading was long, interesting and helpful because it helped me to know about structural systems, about how the walls are constructed, about how the materials we use are so important at the moment of making a structure and the importance of how all of this pieces come up together

  5. Samantha

    This chapter had so much information to understand but it made me realize a lot when it comes to building and deciding what materials to use for your structure. Not only how certain materials react under certain conditions but also how much structural support they will need in order to function properly.

  6. Weicheng

    After reading #6, yeah, it’s my great grandmother again, because those big semicircle beams stay in my mind. After I read the wood beam section again and again. I am pretty sure that is made in China. I never heard them talking about repairing the house, even it have been built over half century. Its not too late for US to start using semicircle beams.

  7. mokhira

    reading #6 was a bit complex since we had to deal with several important pieces of information in a short amount of time. four different building materials were given to study and each one of them required a brief process of analyzing in order to understand the true concept of the exercise.

  8. Aixa

    This reading helps you understand better the importance of choosing different materials for your structure, how essential these different types of materials can be when it comes to constructing. I like how it’s very informative and made me think more about the structural systems.

  9. Cheyenne Brooks

    Reading #6 for me was a little difficult for me to comprehend, mainly because there was a lot of different aspects to each topic. One that I had a difficult time understanding was the bidirectional slab and beam design that I believe is efficient for medium span and heavy loads or maybe when the lateral forces demand strong resistance.

  10. Lucas Lloret

    This reading helped me understand the difference in materials and why you should think the material when you make a building because depending on what its going to get build is the material that is going to be required, for example if you are making a skyscraper you are probably going to go with a steel frame since it can support the most weight but you would use wood for a house. Overall it helped me understand in more details about the different materials.

  11. Aaron

    Although the readings may be longer they do help me understand the material on structural systems a bit more. it helps me to analyze the buildings around me and even the walls within my room.

  12. Erick

    Reading six breaks down all the major building components of concrete, steel wood, and masonry. The one that was the most interesting to me was Structural Steel Frames since there’s a lot of areas in nyc which have construction site which are still on the stage of steel frames . This reading explained how they are used as a skeleton for the main structure which is really interesting since this is the main shaper of the structure.

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