Reading #5 Structural Forces, Components and Types

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  1. Cristian Rodriguez

    This reading helped me understand how force works with structural framing. This was definitely one of the longer readings I’ve done so far but I feel like I got a good amount of information and it also helped me strengthen/deepen my knowledge of load bearing walls, structural beams, etc. Overall, after reading this information, I feel like I can see buildings-especially buildings in construction- from a different perspective which definitely helps when you are studying architecture.

  2. Janan Yu

    This reading has made me question the construction of my home. I have gotten a better insight into how forces are applied to these components. This interested me as I did not really understand how arches are so structurally stable but can remain a circular shape. I did not realize that floors can be elastic and Beams can actually bend. This reading has me wondering about what kinds of joint connections are used on the frames in my home. It really surprised me when I read about the span lengths of different materials I did not realize timber trusses can span more than 100+ Feet. I feel as this reading will be very beneficial for me towards the future for module #3 and my Architecture Career.

  3. Samantha

    This reading was the most detailed readings we’ve done so far and it definitely opened my mind more to what contributes to a building. Before reading this all I knew was the different types of wall constructions and the basic systems that contributed to a wall. But now after reading this chapter I know now specifics like the forces, columns, beams and frames that make these systems possible and functional.

  4. Samantha

    ….I posted to quickly.. Overall the reading benefited me into a better understanding on the basic needs of a construction of a building.

  5. Justin pazmino

    The reading open my thought in how are beams, frames, arches and etc work and how they hold up. Also depending on how many people are gonna be in a building. When I go to a public building I would now think about where are the columns are placed and how many are placed to hold the building up and the people.

  6. Shirley Garcia

    This reading # 5 gave me detailed information on what we have learned in these last readings. It is important how all structures come together to form important parts in a construction and give stability to it, each column and beam provides a place with a fundamental part of each structure. I think this reading helped me understand more about the strength and importance of the parts of a structure.

  7. Weicheng

    Reading article 5 provides me with detailed information about Reading 1 to 4. What is important is how all the structures are combined to form an important part of the building and give it stability, and each column and beam provides a location for the basic part of each structure. But the wall system part bring up my great grandmother again. The gray brick wall, kinda turning black because of the moss. She is still alive, and she is like 92-95 years old now, I was gonna visit her in this summer, but because of the COVID-19. I guess she still need to wait another year to meet me in person.

  8. mokhira

    I had a little different experience when I was doing reading #5 than I did with other readings. this reading gave me a lot of detailed pieces of information about the construction and all the science behind. how every single structure of a building has its own unique strategies, proportions, and relationships with one another.

  9. Jorbin R

    Reading # 5 clarified why i need to take physics. Just like we have a skeleton that allows us to stand up and we can hold our own weight. A structural system has to be able to support its own weight and not overwhelm each member. That’s why there’s and occupancy in public spaces like schools, movie theaters. Its no avoid the structure to collapse, because besides from the weight of all the stories above and materials, it has to deal with us, live loads. That’s why most structures fallow a grid and keep columns and load bearing walls in same place in each floor. If I see a column know there’s another column above it. If there’s not, then the floor above better be to roof or i’ll be worried.

  10. Aaron

    This was a longer reading than usual, but it informed of how the force works with structural framing. The information was a review from the previous chapters of load-bearing walls etc. After reading all this it makes you think and analyze on the different system structures in the buildings I come across.

  11. Aixa

    Reading #5 was the longest reading I have ever done and I’m glad I completed it. What I found interesting was the structural forces and how it works with structural framing, I personally didn’t know about this and how important different types of forces can be for a structure. What I also liked about the reading was that it helped me reinforce an understanding of different structural systems. This has made think about the interior of a lot of different buildings, how beams, studs, joists, etc., act as a skeleton and must be strong enough to resist loads.

  12. Cheyenne Brooks

    Reading #5 has many compelling information but one that I found most interesting was Beams Spans & Trusses, mainly because this topic was also with in my presentation. I found Beams Spans & and trusses most interesting mostly because the fact that, just by simply changing the form and shape of a material can make it that much more durable. For example trusses are a concrete framework centered on the triangle’s geometrical rigidity and composed of longitudinal components subject to axial stress or compression only. If that same concrete framework were to just be in a linear fashion the structural integrity of the building will diminish.

  13. Lucas Lloret

    This reading helped me refresh on my knowledge about forces and how they work in a house, I already knew this from taking AP physics in high school. In addition to this, I did learn about the different types of connections and why each one could be helpful depending on the building.

  14. Erick

    This reading gave me a complex understanding on many different structures and forces the one the caught my attention the most was Arches & Vaults, and Domes since this past summer I traveled to Italy for a week and I visited many different structures that had Romanesque architecture in them and many of them had massive vaults and domes, which always made me wonder how is so much weight supported and this reading gave me a clear illustration of how the weight is dispersed throughout the structure.

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