Role in the Company

Before settling down on an internship, I emailed a couple of places requesting an intern position. Calling All Graphics was one choice I decided because it is close to where I live. My supervisor is also the president of Calling All Graphics, her name is Marla Gotay. I emailed Ms. Gotay my cover letter and resume along with a link to my Behance portfolio. I did not have an in-person interview, but she called me the next day about the position. She explained the variety of work she does and her clients. After the phone call, I began working that week. My role in the company is the graphic design intern. Ms. Gotay calls her clients about the jobs and she clarifies to me what the client wants.

Nature's Grill Menu Board

Nature’s Grill Menu Board

Lane Deli and Catering Menu

Lane Deli and Catering Menu

My job is to design the requested materials. Some of the jobs includes, redesigning menus, menu boards and postcards. There are times clients requests to add additional food on to the menu or change prices of food. Following the preliminary designs, Ms. Gotay looks over and requests changes to be made. After everything is completed, Ms. Gotay sends pdf files to the clients for approval.