Introduction to the Company

Calling All Graphics is a private company located inside a house in Brooklyn. This company was founded in 2000. Marla Gotay is the president of the company. The company has 3 employees. The primary business of this company is creating print materials. Print materials include menus, flyers, menu boards, outdoor signs, brochures, business cards and many more. Many of the clients are owners of restaurants or delicatessens. Many clients want to change the look of their menus and to add on more dishes. Our tasks are to satisfy the clients’ needs by redesigning the menus. My job in this company is to redesign the print materials. The supervisor assigns jobs to the employees with notes written. The notes would specify changes that needed to be made or tasks to complete. The supervisor will look over the files and request additional changes if necessary.

Nature's Grill Menu Board

Nature’s Grill Menu Board

I learned that most menus are usually text heavy and have little room for designing. I have to utilize the little amounts of space to design. When I am working on the design in InDesign, I have to constantly change the font size. For menu boards, the fonts have to be big and visible because they are seen from far away. For menus, they can be small because it is meant to be viewed in the customer’s hands.


Lane Deli & Catering