Collaborative Project

There are not many collaborative projects during my internship. Usually each client requests for one print job. For clients that have multiple jobs, my supervisor lets one employee work on it. This way there are no confusions and duplicates. There was one collaborative project for a deli. They requested us to redesign their outside menu boards. I worked on the breakfast and my co-worker worked on the lunch. We both created multiple layouts and proposed it to the client. The client chose one that they liked. My co-worker’s design was chosen, so I asked her to send me the indd files to me through dropbox. I also asked which fonts were used because everything was outlined. After receiving the files, I started substituting the images and text in to the respective sections. After completing the job, my supervisor examined the files and made modifications accordingly. The files were made into PDF and sent to the client for approval.

Al's Deli Breakfast Special

Al’s Deli Fruit Pancakes

Ali’s Deli Fruit Pancakes


Ali's Deli Special

Ali’s Deli Breakfast Special

While working on this job, we encountered a slight confusion. My co-worker had the background pasted on the individual pages. The background was also on the master page as well. My supervisor could not understand why the background did not appear after deleting it on the individual page. She asked me if I knew what was wrong. So I explained that the master page was not applied to the individual page. After applying it to the page, only then will the individual page have the background. I thought that I would be learning from my supervisor only, but my supervisor learns from the interns as well. We exchange ideas about how we use Adobe Creative Suite and Creative Cloud.