Every Door Direct Mail

One client requests an EDDM, which is every door direct mail. What I learned was that the dimensions are different. The document I worked on was 9W x 6.5H. Usually USPS requests the right hand side to be empty. On this postcard mailing, the design is one the whole page. The only area without design is the postage area. I also learned that my supervisor uses an online website for EDDM. The company does the printing and mailing as well.

The previous company that my supervisor uses did not provide mailing. She would have to go to the local office and mail them. With the online company, all that needs to be done is to upload the front and back side. My supervisor picks the areas according to the zip code. All business and residents in the zip code would receive a postcard.


The Mill Postcard Mailing

The Mill Postcard Mailing

Pure & Fresh Chef Designed Salad











This particular client wants clean designs. So I used the three colors the client usually uses which were black, red and white. The client asked to have 3 paragraphs of text to include into the postcard mailing. I organized the text and images in a clean way. The postcard was straight forward and not busy. I am really fond of the overall layout of this postcard mailing.