Teaching Responsibilities


The Humanities Department (HUM) is a multi-disciplinary department that offers courses in art history, communication, foreign language, music, and theater.

Humanities studies provide students with laboratories for creative expression, cultural and historical understanding, and practical tool sets for work and living.

The courses offered in the Department help students develop enriching competencies to appreciate multiple perspectives and to better synthesize ideas, ultimately giving students critical tools to understand an individual’s role in society.

I have  taught Arabic and French courses listed below:

ARB 1101, Elementary Arabic I, 3 credits, enrollment capacity 25
The course is designed for students who have had no previous background in Arabic. It focuses on four essential components: listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Modern Standard Arabic.

ARB 1102, Elementary Arabic II, 3 credits, enrollment capacity 25
The course builds on and further expands students’ developing skills in the four essential components of listening, speaking, reading, and writing Modern Standard Arabic, through studying a range of intermediate-level texts which focus on Arabic culture, ideas and history.

FREN 1101, Elementary French I, 3 credits, enrollment capacity 30
A course for beginner students of French. Includes basic grammar, pronunciation, and development of a basic vocabulary. Provides practice in spoken as well as written language.

FREN 2201, Intermediate French I, 3 credits, enrollment capacity 30
Students complete the acquisition of fundamental grammatical structures (indicative, imperative, subjunctive and conditional moods; simple and compound sentences), and increase their working vocabulary while they develop their communication skills. Students are also required to read a selection of texts that illustrate the diversity of Francophone culture. Class activities are complemented by required online assignments.