Future Teaching Goals


I’m in constant review of my teaching methodology. Attending workshops, reading books, and discovering new trends in teaching are for a great help to be updated all the time and to better improve students metacognition, study skills and motivation.

  • Culture and context

Teaching culture in Arabic and French programs is very important because students need to discover how they can use the language they are learning in specific contexts. Communicating in a second language implies not only to know the appropriate syntax and lexicon but also to tap into the cultural repertoires that are necessary in building any interactional competence.

  • More learning resources

I continue to work with my students by using internet resources and other materials to enhance the cultural component in both languages and to create new dialogues, lessons, and activities to improve the student’s communicative skills.

  • Student Advisement

Advising Students and assisting them to choose the language they need, and the appropriate level is a very important task I will continue to do. So, meeting students and talking to them face to face is a big step to avoid having wrong student for a wrong class.

  • Inaccurate placement of students

To combat deliberate underperformance by students seeking placement in low levels I will continue to propose ideas and methodologies to fine tune placement of students in our FL program.

  • Dealing with dishonesty

Academic dishonesty and cheating among students is a big problem I faced during this two previous semesters (fall 2015, spring 2016). I noticed that grades, rather than education, is the major focus of many students. As educator I continue to discourage cheating by working with my students to create a culture of integrity, support, trust, honesty, and accountability.