Peer Assessment


Over the course of my tenure, I have received  “Excellent”  in all evaluations from my colleagues. They have observed my Arabic and French classes.

Reports have stressed my excellence in teaching, the good rapport with the students and the remarkable ability to use appropriate terminology and competence in using material.

Courses observed:

  • Elementary Arabic: ARB 1101/D300
  • Elementary Arabic: ARB 1102/D302
  • Intermediate French: FREN 2201/E314

“Professor Lachheb is clearly an expert of Arabic language, frequently distinguishing between dialect and standard speech”, (Professor Cheng Sandra in Subject Mastery, Fall 2017)

“Professor Lachheb is highly competent in the teaching of Arabic, its terminology, pronunciation and rules of grammar. He is very competent in using classroom equipment”. (Professor McAuliffe in Subject Mastery, 2016)

“There is no doubt that Professor Lachheb has full mastery of the Arabic Language and the pedagogical strategies to reach it. His enthusiasm is infectious, drives the entire class session”, (Professor Ann Delilkan in Subject Mastery, 2018)