Publication & Production

Over the course of my tenure I published the following three books:

 1. Digital Anthropology (in Arabic), February 2020, Published by:  Authority for Culture and  Antiquities,

     Manama, Bahrain.

This book is an Arabic translation of a collection of essays by multiple authors and edited by the

famous anthropologists Horst, H. and Miller, D. The book is part of 50 volume series named the

 Knowledge Transfer project, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture in Bahrain:

The book fills a significant gap in the Arab world in the domain of digital anthropology.

a.   A comment of this publication appeared in the Arab site of Anthropology and Sociology:


           b.  The announcement of the book appeared in the official site of Bahrain Authority for

                 Culture and Antiquity:              


            c. The famous Bahraini Newspaper: Alayam


   2. A Lexicon of Telephony Mobile Terms, April 2019, Dar Konoz Publishing, Jordan.

This tri-lingual dictionary (English, French, Arabic) is a new and very useful tool for those

communicating in Arabic to cope with the flow of modern terms and concepts of Information

Technology with their precise linguistic and cognitive specifities. Its publication is an attempt

 to  these  these terms and concepts closer to researchers, specialists, students, technical

 editors, and  those in  media and communication who face daily problems of searching for

 Arabic equivalents of  foreign   terms. Most of Arabic terms of this lexicon were proposed for the

 first time by adopting the  methods of terminology creation in Arabic language.

 Link to this lexicon in the Arabic neelwafurat site:


  3. Handbook of Terminology, April 2016. Dar Kounouz Publishing, Oman, Jordan. booklibrary&task=view&id=87&catid=53&Itemid=49

The translation into Arabic of Handbook of Terminology was achieved under contract with Public Works and Government Services Canada, Ottawa.

This book provides new terminologists with the information they will need to practice their

profession, regardless of the area of specialization in which they may be called upon to work. It

was designed and organized with a view to giving easy access to the key aspects of terminology

work and to providing a guide to the steps that must be taken to deliver a product to users of

specialized terminology.

The Handbook was translated into the following languages: Arabic, French, Korean, Portuguese

and Spanish (Castilian).