Teaching Effectiveness

 Teaching Effectiveness

A. Peer Evaluations of Teaching

Over the course of my tenure track, I have received  9 “Excellent” evaluations from my colleagues.

Semester Evaluator Course Rating

  • Fall 2015:  Rigo Granados ARB 1102, Excellent
  • Spring 2016:  Ann Delilkan ARB1101, Excellent
  • Fall 2016:  Michael Mc Auliffe ARB 1101, Excellent
  • Spring 2017: Rigo Granados FREN 1101, Excellent
  • Fall 2017: Sandra Cheng ARB 1102, Excellent
  • Spring 2018: Ann Delilkan ARB 1101, Excellent
  • Fall 2018: Denise Scannel ARB 1101, Excellent
  • Spring 2019: Rigofredo Granados ARB 1101, Excellent
  • Fall 2019: Sandra Cheng ARB 1101, Excellent
  • Spring 2020: No evaluation covid 19

Reports have stressed my excellence in teaching, the good rapport with the students and the remarkable ability to use appropriate terminology and competence in using material.

They have observed:

“Professor Lachheb is clearly an expert of Arabic language, frequently distinguishing between dialect and standard speech”, (Professor Cheng Sandra in Subject Mastery, Fall 2017)

“There is no doubt that Professor Lachheb has full mastery of the Arabic Language and the pedagogical strategies to reach it. His enthusiasm is infectious, drives the entire class session”, (Professor Ann Delilkan in Subject Mastery, 2018)

“Professor Lachheb is highly competent in the teaching of Arabic, its terminology, pronunciation and rules of grammar. He is very competent in using classroom equipment”. (Professor Mc Auliffe in Subject Mastery)

Student Assessment of Teaching

SET Scores:
Fall 2019
– ARB 1101/D300, response rate 56%, course average 4.83, department average 4.56
– ARB 1101/D295, response rate 50%, course average 4.92, department average 4.56
– ARB 1102/D302, response rate 70%, course average 4.79, department average 4.56

Spring 2019
– ARB 1101/D300, response rate 72%, course average 4.89, department average 4.58
– ARB 1102/D303, response rate 50%, course average 4.68, department average 4.58

Fall 2018
– ARB 1101/D300, response rate 68%, course average4.58, department average 4.55
– ARB 1102/D302, response rate 83%, course average 4.56, department average 4.55
– FREN 2201/E314, response rate 100%, course average 4.88, department average 4.55

Spring 2018
– ARB 1101/D300, response rate 72%, course average 4.65, department average 4.52
– FREN 1101/E314, response rate 75%, course average4.82, department average 4.52

Fall ‘17
ARB 1101/D300, response rate 58%, course average 4.81, department average 4.59.
ARB 1101/D302, response rate 63%, course average 4.82, department average 4.59.
FREN 2201/D314, response rate 82%, course average 4.18, department average 4.59.

Spring 17
ARB 1101, response rate 96%, course average4.80, department average 4.49
FREN 1101, response rate57%, course average4.59, department average 4.49

Fall ‘16
ARB 1101/D300, response rate 94%, course average 4.87, department average 4.58.
FREN 1101/D311, response rate 85%, course average 4.83, department average 4.58.

ARB 1101/D300, response rate 58%, course average 4.89, department average 4.45.
ARB 1101/D302, response rate 80%, course average 4.88, department average 4.45.
FREN 1101/D311, response rate 86%, course average 4.73, department average 4.45.

Feedback from students

• A former student wrote about his experience with the Arabic class:

“On being “real”: My Arabic teacher name Mr. Khalid is a teacher who I consider to be real because he always ensures that every single individual in the class understands any task before we leave the class. Although, Arabic is a foreign language which is so hard to understand, Khalid has a good skill of analyzing each task in a way that makes it so easy to understand. In addition, for some students who might find it hard to distinguish the Arabic letters, Khalid sacrifices his time to stay in his office just to let those students get a good sense of understanding before they go home. Mr. Khalid’s interaction with students is incredible because he gives every student a chance to notify him with any issue in regards to the topic we covered in class. Mr. Khalid even welcomes us to come to his house to learn how to speak Arabic. That is how open he is to every students”. Saibou, K., Spring 2017.

See the following link:

OpenLab Assignment #4


  •  “I have to say that I’m very happy to take your class. Especially, me and my friends enjoyed your Class. You’re the best professor I have ever met. And I appreciate you for your kindness and honesty. I will not forget you in my life”. (Sumon Alam, Arabic 1101, Spring 2020).