I’m an Assistance Professor at NYC College of Technology. I’m teaching Arabic and French in Humanities Department since Fall 2015. My Ph.D. was in linguistics and Terminology  received from Mohamed V University, Rabat, Morocco. Before start working at Citytech I was a Researcher (Linguist) at the Institute for Studies and Research on Arabization(IERA), Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco, since 1996. I had a very good teaching experience  in New Jersey City University (NJCU) where I taught Arabic and French.

During this long period, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to gain a rich experience in various pedagogical methods.  Also, I had other important opportunities to teach Arabic (and translation) in other institutions both inside Morocco and abroad specially in Francisco Ferrer School of Translation, Brussels, Belgium.

I have been translating for several years and have translated several books from French and English into Arabic in collaboration with respected scientific institutions in the Arab world. I came to translation not as a hobbyist, but as a professional, as a specialist in comparative linguistics: I know the characteristics of some linguistic systems and I live closely with the creation of new words.

Translation for me is a new creation of the original text. As a lexicographer, I have devoted my efforts to expanding Arabic lexicon to accommodate different fields of knowledge. I have developed trilingual terminological dictionaries (English, French, Arabic) in Computer Science, e-commerce, Internet, Mobile Telephony, Public Administration, Culinary Arts, and others that provide language services to students, researchers and specialists looking for Arabic equivalents for foreign terms. My contributions are making permanent and significant changes to the Arabic language, to improve precision of expression for its speakers, in multiple fast-growing areas of knowledge.

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