Use Artstor? It’s time to move to JSTOR!

Smiling Figure. 7th-8th century. Ceramic, H. 18 11/16 x W. 11 3/4 x D. 6 1/4 in. @metmuseum.

Artstor is now available in its new home on JSTOR! When you search JSTOR, you will find Artstor’s 2+ million licensed images and more than 1,700 additional primary source collections alongside JSTOR’s vast collection of books, journal articles, and research reports. And, with JSTOR’s unique Workspace tool, you can easily save, organize, and teach with Arstor images alongside other JSTOR content in one convenient workflow.

On August 1, 2024, the legacy Artstor website will be retired. If you use Artstor, you’re invited to get started on JSTOR now – check out the Artstor on JSTOR welcome page for everything you need to make your move. If you’ve never used Artstor before, now is a great time to try it out. Visit the Artstor on JSTOR LibGuide, or jump right in with an image search

Visit City Tech Library’s JSTOR subscription to get started.

Interested in more info about teaching with visual material? Explore JSTOR’s Learning to Look blog and check out their YouTube playlist for getting started with Artstor images in JSTOR.