Question questing – Instructional Design Intern

Today has been a successful day! To start out, we had another week without internet problems! Let’s hope this keeps up! I’ve also been given CUNY credentials, so fingers crossed that we have solutions for the future.
I focused most of my day on my “How to develop a research question” tutorial. This slideshow tutorial takes students through the steps necessary to develop a research question for a generic research paper. Although the bulk of information is written in text format because of the nature of the topic, students can also follow along with our knight school student who is writing their first research paper on dragons using the advice from the slides. This knight and their wise mentor featured in this tutorial were developed using Photoshop by yours truly, with textual content based off of the work of City Tech librarian Nora Almeida. The tutorial will be uploaded to the City Tech Library website soon, but here’s a sneak preview:

Once this tutorial was completed, I continued working on my “Citation Holy Grail Quest” choose-your-own-adventure tutorial. This tutorial is meant to gamify the citation experience, challenging students to choose the correct aspects of a citation at risk of poison dart attacks. Right now I am writing in inklewriter, a free, browser-based publishing platform, but I’m attending a workshop on Twine this evening and may change my plan afterward. I will report in next time (which will be this Thursday) about my decisions! 

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