OER: A Galaxy of Opportunity

We’re excited to present a new exhibit in the front Library display cases. The layout was based on the image below, with an eye-catching visual design by CityTech student William Luperena and CityTech alum Philip Zeng.

The theme is intended to spotlight Open Educational Resources (OER). 100% free of cost, they have the same quality standards as a traditional textbook – and without the $200 price-tag!

“ZTC” = Free! 

The rocket-ship/space design is a reminder that OER opens up new possibilities. If you sign up for “Zero Textbook Cost” or ZTC courses, they’ll be cost-free when it comes to textbooks or materials. You can save hundreds of dollars per semester. 

“Sombrero Galaxy in infrared light” by NASA is in the Public Domain

OER are not only great because they’re free – although of course, this is a great plus! They allow faculty more freedom – your Professor can take the materials, adopt them to a specific class, “remix” the content.  It’s possible given the “open” quality of OER, i.e. their open licenses

OER: A Galaxy of Opportunity

Essentially, OER provide a new “galaxy” (!) of options for affordable learning in the classroom. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have, and also check out this blog post about how to find Zero Textbook Cost classes in CUNYFirst, as you register for the upcoming semester. 

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