New e-book collection: Project MUSE Global Cultural Studies

The library has recently acquired new e-book collection:
Project MUSE Global Cultural Studies
This collection of e-books contains 245 titles on American studies, ethnic studies (including Asian, Latin American, African-American, and indigenous studies), women’s and gender studies, disability studies, and other works that fall within the rubric of contemporary cultural studies.
The e-book collection includes such titles as:
After Apartheid: Reinventing South Africa? A band of noble women: Racial politics in the women's peace movement The Internet of elsewhere: The emergent effects of a wired world
Seeing drugs: Modernization, counterinsurgency, and U.S. narcotics control in the third world, 1969-1976 User unfriendly: Consumer struggles with personal technologies, from clocks and sewing machines to cars and computers Who deserves to die? Constructing the executable subject
Interested in what else is available? Check out Project MUSE Global Cultural Studies today!
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