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Behind the scenes at the City Tech Library we’re often thinking about how to reach students. It might seem strange to learn that the Library, which is right in the middle of campus and often so full of people that there isn’t an empty seat to be found, worries a lot about outreach. But we know that some of the same people who visit the library almost every day have never borrowed a book, searched our vast digital research collection for an article, used one of our interactive tutorials, or attended a library workshop. Beyond getting students to really use the library, we also want City Tech students to think of the library as more than a space or collection of (physical and digital) stuff. We want them to see the library the way we see it: as a critical point of intersection, a kind of bridge between the academic and communal aspects of college life.

Our Library Promotion, Outreach, and Marketing (PROM) committee is constantly exploring new strategies to make students see the library as a space for them: full of the programs and resources to support their work and full of people who want to answer their questions and make their college experience a little bit better. Behind every display, blog post, workshop, film screening, or tabling event is a bunch of work that involves a bunch of people, both in and outside of the library. Interns from our COM-D department make our posters, the Office of Student Life includes us in college orientation and student events, Library students help us create new online tutorials and conduct usability studies to assess our digital tools, we collaborate with SGA to make student voices heard, and we partner our local NYPIRG chapter to ensure students are engaged in the political issues that effect them. We also routinely partner with academic departments and faculty from across the college to provide meaningful instruction, put on exhibits and events, and to make sure our resources and collections really provide students with the support they need to succeed in college.

Below are a few photos of our favorite outreach initiatives from the past year. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to keep tabs on what we’re up to next and stay tuned for our new podcast, which we plan to launch later this semester.

Screenprinting posters with NYPIRG for Higher Education Action Day
Screen printing posters with NYPIRG during club hour for Higher Education Action Day
Button designs for a voter registration campaign in collaboration with NYPIRG
T-Shirt Day collaboration with the Wise Center and local women’s shelters
Banned books week display
Banned Books display to celebrate Banned Books Week

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