Greetings From Your New Instructional Design Intern

Hi there! I’m the new instructional design intern. This is my second day on the job, and I’m just about finished auditing the library’s online tutorials and orientation section. I’ve also been perusing CityTech’s OpenLab, which I’ve heard described as a kind of  “anti-Blackboard,” which seems to me an excellent description. (In addition to being an MLIS student, I also teach writing courses at Queensborough Community College — as such, I’m verrrrrrry well acquainted with Blackboard. And while I’m spanking new to OpenLab, I’d say comparatively, Blackboard feels like a dark, labyrinthine, walled Medieval city. I prefer OpenLab.)

But I digress.

In addition to getting the lay of the land, I’ve also begun conducting research, seeking out scholarly literature about 1) the design and implementation of faculty-focused focus groups (say that three times fast) on the topic of library instruction, and 2) library instruction/instructional design best practices.

But Sharon, you ask, why have you been doing all of the above? Excellent question! The answer is: so that I might ultimately develop some of the greatest, most effective, most engaging, most elegantly designed library instructional tools and materials that have ever existed. I’ll be nailing down a specific timeline/putting together a detailed schedule for instructional design world domination next week.

Stay tuned.

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