Digital Theatre+ Now Available to the City Tech Community

Digital Theatre+ is a new resource for the City Tech community.  It features a diverse range of live plays and reflects the excitement of drama today.  Famous plays are reenacted and include commentaries to help foster greater comprehension and understanding.  There are also playlists and other teaching tools that can be used for inspiration in the classroom. 

(Scene from Falsettos, taken from Digital Theatre+)

There are guides to major practitioners in the field of theatre, which can be used as a resource to expand knowledge of new (or not so new) playwrights. Below is the header to an introduction to August Wilson.

Image depicting the Digital Theater+ logo. Text states: DT+ Fundamentals A Concise Introduction to: August Wilson Isiah Wooden American University.
Digital Theater+ Logo

If you have any questions regarding this resource or would like to provide any feedback, please contact Prof. Kim Abrams at

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