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Podcast prompt/blog

The podcast I listened to was “East New York. Did it work?”. The podcast in my opinion was very well put together. They didn’t prolong the intro or talked a lot but got straight to the point which i believe is one of the things that is essential in keeping your listeners drawn in. They also did a great job getting people to share their stories and expressing their opinions and they were all different opinions which made it more interesting and not bias. This podcast brought together facts and evidence as well as opinions to make it not only on filled with primary sources but also one that is relate-able .

Urban Walking Prompt

After reading the article on Urban walking, I have to say that I personally do not agree with the author when he said that walking in the countryside is better than urban areas. Living in an Urban area I enjoy walking everyday, I take the same path to school everyday from my house on Ave J down Nostrand Ave to the Flatbush-Brooklyn College train station. And I enjoy the walk, it gives me time to take In my community and to catch up with people from my block who I haven’t seen in a while. I also walk from 59th st Columbus Circle to 34th street Penn station after every work shift and I use that time to listen to music, take in some air, and remove all stress from that work day. It also gives me time to contemplate some of the nice things we have in our city. All in all I believe that walking wherever you are should be something that you enjoy and find pleasure in. It should be something you do to have an adventurous time and to discover new things throughout your community.

Blog prompt #1

I am neutral in the belief that people do have a right to the city because on one hand as we saw in “My Brooklyn” the people of Fulton Mall area and other zones of Brooklyn, although being there for many years and having an attachment to that particular zone could not prevent the change that happened in that area. Despite that they protested, met with the committee in charge of deciding whether the change would happen or not, and even wrote letters, their claim to the city/zone was not enough to stop the power play of change. Meanwhile in Citizen Jane, her claim to the city played a major role in the reversal of the change that was going to happen. Her observation skills and protesting skills helped her gather people together to stop the city from going in the direction that would negatively impact the lives of so many people.
So now my Question is “Do only a certain group of people have a right to the city? And Are they the only ones who can stop change from presenting itself within?” I think watching both films showed me that power and influence plays a huge role in the outcome of a city and that not every group of people within that city can attain both or one in order to invoke or deny any sort of change.