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Urban Walking Prompt

After reading the article on Urban walking, I have to say that I personally do not agree with the author when he said that walking in the countryside is better than urban areas. Living in an Urban area I enjoy walking everyday, I take the same path to school everyday from my house on Ave J down Nostrand Ave to the Flatbush-Brooklyn College train station. And I enjoy the walk, it gives me time to take In my community and to catch up with people from my block who I haven’t seen in a while. I also walk from 59th st Columbus Circle to 34th street Penn station after every work shift and I use that time to listen to music, take in some air, and remove all stress from that work day. It also gives me time to contemplate some of the nice things we have in our city. All in all I believe that walking wherever you are should be something that you enjoy and find pleasure in. It should be something you do to have an adventurous time and to discover new things throughout your community.

Our first site visit next week, and blogging assignment

Today we learned about one-point linear perspective and reviewed the site report template.

Looking ahead to next week, classes are not held on Monday, September 10 and Tuesday, September 11. The college is open, and the library is open 9-5 both days. On Thursday, September 13, we meet in our classroom at 2:30pm sharp for our first walking tour of our study site. Please come prepared to be out for 2 hours with a charged phone or camera and notebook and pencils for sketching. Your blogging assignment due Thursday, September 13 is one 100-word post. First read this opinion piece, “Urban Walking isn’t just Good for the Soul,” and then complete the following observational exercise: document the observations of your experience between your front door and the bus, subway, or parking space you use for your everyday commute. Post observations in a 100 word blog post.



Week 1, and blogging assignment for Tuesday, September 4

On Tuesday we reviewed the goals of the course and viewed the film My Brooklyn (log in with your college ID to stream from anywhere). On Thursday we viewed the film Citizen Jane: Battle for the City and discussed some of its themes.

Regular blogging is an essential part of your participation in the course. Your first blogging assignment, due before the start of class on Tuesday, September 4,  is to reflect on the films we watched together and write one 100-word blog post responding to these questions:

How is change managed in a city, and who manages that change? Do people have a “right” to the city?