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Podcast Assignment

I chose to listen to “East New York, Did It Work?” podcast. I really like this podcast because it shows the people who live in Atlantic Yards neighborhood opinions about the changes that are happening in this area and the cost of housing generally. First, they started the discussion about the gentrification and explained the changes that are happening in East New York. Then, they started to interview the people who live in this area and listen to their point of view about these changes. Some people are talking about the history of the changes that happened in their neighborhood and explaining how these changes impacting them. It seems to me that a lot of people who live in this neighborhood are not happy with that change. Every speaker gave a different point of view. I really like their brief reviews because they all focused on a lot of good points about these changes and how they feel now about their neighborhood. And that could be very beneficial for everyone who does not know a lot of information about the Atlantic Yards neighborhood history.

Urban Walking Prompt

Typically my personality, I love traveling and visit new places to see new things that I had never seen before. But my everyday walk from home to the train station is a different story, it is like walking dead. I don’t really recognize a lot of details and places in my neighborhood. In my opinion, I think this happens because your neighborhood is always there. For example, every time I say, “I want to discover new places around me”. In 5 seconds I change my mind and say, “no maybe later, it is always there next to me”. That’s why we always seek to look for new and far places because everything hidden is always more interesting. According to the article “Urban walking isn’t just good for the soul”, it shows that repetition is so boring. Especially when you see the same thing every day, you get to a point that you can’t even see anything new in that same place.

Assignment 1_How is change managed in a city? Who manages that changes? Do people have a right to the city?

City changes according to the change of society and culture. In my opinion, I believe that people are the major source of that change because people are expressing their culture and their traditional that they learned from their parents in the city that they are living in now. They change the atmosphere of the place that they are living in according to their culture. You can see that very clearly in the cities that have many different people from different countries. Brooklyn is a great example of that, it shows how city changes according to the people culture because it has the most emigrants from everywhere around the world. As you can see in the film “My Brooklyn”, it shows how society change very fast in past few years in Brooklyn because the traditional that people express from all around the world on one city. They are not controlling that change because they are doing that without feeling that they are impacting on the other people around them. Of course, people have the right to manage change in the city and I see this in a good way because you can learn a lot of new things and information from the people around you. In Brooklyn, you can meet hundreds of different cultures which is a great experience for anyone. I totally believe that PEOPLE are the CITY.