Everyday Commute Observations

7:40 am coming out of my apartment the subtle light (it was cloudy in the morning) of the skylight on the stair bulkhead shines on to the 5th floor. Coming down viewing through the landing window and across the alley and into the other building there is a bucket on the floor below (3rd floor) round and with a tint of white and tan, yet uninhabited. Passing the third floor there is a garbage bag in front of the second apartment on my right. In contrast to the other door frames the same apartment with the garbage bag in front of it has a wooden door frame. The following floors were all the same except for the 1st floor. The 1st floor lighting was much brighter than the rest. Coming out of the building and walking to my left I see an aggressive amount of pedestrian. The time was now 7:45 at the corner of 182nd and most of the pedestrians consisted of children accompanied by their care taker moving hurriedly through the streets as the 8am elementary school opening time approached. Walking down the sidewalk I recognized the trees on the sidewalk puts that stand 3 stories up. Most of the trees having being juxtaposed to the masonry brick buildings were leaning towards the streets. There exist about a 2 ft space between the tree branches and the face of the building where as on the street side branches overhang the parked cars. Approaching the entrance to the subway moreĀ  people enter as opposed to a much earlier time In which I often take the train.

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