Everyday commute observation

I gotta say, walking is one of the most dreadful activities I can think of. I just don’t understand how people like it, however moving to New York city it became a necessary thing I had to do in order to move around for a while when I was younger. Around my neighborhood there hasn’t been many changes. I live in a residential building and the only changes I noticed are the growth of parking for the building residents  and increase of traffic in the main streets. Since my building is adjacent to a major expressway, the vehicular circulation is always very busy while the pedestrian sidewalks are pretty empty. The area is calm asides from the constant car transit. Also at around 5-10 minute walk you will find yourself in a heavily pedestrian walkway since there are two different shopping malls around, which are busy for majority of the day. There are not enough food places  or open areas, like parks around. The only open space available is a main courtyard and entertaining center with different amenities shared between all the residential building of my complex. My daily commute involves driving from home to school everyday which doesn’t really allow me to observe most of the changes around that you would appreciate by walking. I have only notice a big increase in traffic and the lack of parking around my neighborhood and school, because what two years ago would take 10 minutes now takes up to and hour to find parking. I would still rather drive to places and I mostly avoid walking to any places, or if it involves major walking I’ll just not go at all, but after reading ” Urban walking isn’t just good for the soul” it made me think perhaps I Should walk once in a while.

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