The goal of this project was to inform people about more ways to recycle.  Recycling is important because if you don’t do it, it spells a world of trouble for the environment and the community. Things like air quality, water quality, soil quality, animal health, and peoples general health are all affected by recycling.

Humans by nature are artists, therefore, the origin of art begins with the origin of humanity. From the rock painting to the last created contemporary piece, art has served as a means, form, and source of expression. It is more than spoken and studied that the messages they transmit have an impact, either positively or negatively.

What is expressed has an effect on us, so under that concept, we want to inform our community and all human beings through art, how to recycle, know the problem and find a solution, in this way we can reach to all regardless of age, times, all children, adults, elderly and young. This idea goes beyond being a transmitter of messages since it serves as a creative activity, has a liberating, healing, and personal development effect.

Besides that it sensitizes us and makes us more aware of the problem vs the solution, it makes us see life from a more sensitive and conscious point, thus creating a better society.

Having said that, here are some examples of what our project offers and creates.

Water plant in a light bolt, Soil-plant in a plastic bottle, lava lamp using any recycled oil.
Puppet with any recycles materials. Posters using recycles materials. 

Zines to inform and for kids to colored.