Different Approaches

Our first approach for the performance was to have Ixchel in a box that represents a garbage bin and have her wrapped in fabric that represents garbage. This was to convey the idea that we are part of our environment and when we pollute it we are actually polluting ourselves. We then decided that instead of being wrapped in garbage, she will be in the bin and throwing plastic bottles out in to open. This helped us catch peoples attention, and it gave us a way to be more interactive while chanting our slogans. Although it helped us get attention from people going by, not many came up to the table.

Something we could have done different was be a lot more interactive with the audience. One thing we could have done was be more aggressive with our setup placement. We were focused on being out of the way and not obstructing normal flow, but at the same time we could have been a lot closer to the middle of the path. Not right on the middle, but close enough that people could get a good view and they would have to be mindful of not bumping into us. When people are walking around sometimes they may be thinking about any number of thinks so its easy to miss things that’s happening around them. By being closer to the middle, it pulls peoples minds to the present, because they may ask themselves whats happening here.

Another thing we could have done was to take the initiative to go around and ask questions to the audience to invoke some kind of reaction. That could have been a tactic to help build a crowd and get people involved.