Performance Site

LOCATION: 2 Furman St, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

When we first came up with our idea for the project, wehad more emphasis on how bad waste management was bad for the environment, particularly the ocean. We rely on the ocean for an abundance of things and so does other animals. We ended up choosing the pier at the Brooklyn Bridge Park because the East River was in the background, and its a major part of the cities commute. We wanted to somehow incorporate recycling and the environment in the same performance.


This picture shows the bicycle station and benches.
Built for commuters in mind.

The pier is used mainly for commuting to different places. Bike stations are available for the cities bikers.


Big open space.

When first entering the pier, you will come across benches on both the left and right sides. A place to sit down while waiting for the ferry. Large trees near the left bench provide shade against the scorching sun. From the front to the back of the pier is a straight walk without any obstruction. Since its just one big main path, the flow isn’t too chaotic. There is also a great view of the city and the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.


Commuters lining up.

Barricades and signs are used here to let commuters know where to line up.

Park area

A small park area with lots of trees. The gate invites you in and the grass field encourages parents to let their children play in it.

Pier Entrance

An alternate entrance to the pier with a boat in the background that doesn’t seem to be in use.

Diagram of cleaner service.