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Jarryd Blog #2


I chose this picture for my blog post because it symbolizes the hypothesis my group is researching. We plan to prove the strengthening of relationship between the Brooklyn Navy Yard and Vinegar Hill through the opening of Wegmans supermarket. This picture is more of a street vending representation rather than an actual indoor supermarket like Wegmans but the atmosphere is what i would like to believe to be the same. There is a physical lack of an affordable produce supermarket in Vinegar Hill and adjacent areas near it. Residents have to travel great lengths to acquire such foods. The newly developed supermarket as well as other developing buildings should bring about a positive change.

Jarryd Blog 1

I chose this picture because it reminded me of the mural my group observed on Navy St. Its a demonstration of laid off workers protesting for their jobs in 1964. This protest was held within the navy yard, the very place they wanted to be employed. As they say, “History repeats itself”; Right now people are protesting not only for jobs and security but for their right of choice, human rights, their living situation, police brutality, etc. I’m sure in that era, the residents of vinegar hill were dependent on their employment that the Navy Yard provided. I assume that was one of the factors which led to Vinegar Hill being vacant and isolated like it is now.