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Darya | NYPL pre-visit reflection


Very exited to visit the library. As I was looking at the maps all this time and going deeper into the old pictures I hope to see more pieces that are not possible to see in digital version. Question if it will be possible to take a copy of them?

I want to look at the names in historical section. And, of course, to make a research in books about NYCHA and downtown Brooklyn history.

Darya | primary sources: Built Environment

1. New York City Library. OldNYC

Map with old 1850-1950 pictures of the New York City

2. Brooklyn Library Historical Newspapers

Collection of the Brooklyn Eagle Articles

3. New York City Library Historical Maps

Digital collection of the old maps in New York Public Library


Report about historical District of the Vinegar Hill.


Digital collection of the old pictures in the Brooklyn Public Library

Darya | Pre-Site Visit Reflection for Vinegar Hill

I live in New York just for three years but all this years I was walking though it’s streets, driving car and biking. I was studying the photography and it was very interesting for me to walk on the streets and take pictures of the beautiful buildings and parks. As I’m also working in real estate I love to observe what people live in what area and the history of the buildings, how they are look inside and predict the market trends. I was thinking about fair housing for few years for now but I didn’t have a chance to go deeper into this category of buildings in New York.

I’m expecting to see the lower class area because it’s close to Navy Yard and too close to BQE which means that it’s probably noisy there. There are not so many stores in that area and the closest station is just York street F train. I think that streets will be older closer to the river, older buildings and older roads. There were many factories before I think some of that factory buildings are still there but they probably transferred into residential buildings. I’m expecting to see some empty buildings.

Very existed about this trip.