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Assignment 12_ACrull

Top left, opening page, top right gallery inspired slides. Bottom left and right, Poster concept

Daniel Arsham’s Studio is a Grown Man’s Dream, 26 and Macias

Interview with contemporary artist DANIEL ARSHAM – UT magazineUniqlo

How the Artist Daniel Arsham Spends His Sundays, Leland

Group Discussion and Assignment 11 _ ACrull

Group Discussion: Do you have a topic in mind for your presentation? –– Contrast of old and new using materials and how they are related to design.

What sort of design would you like to address, ie. graphic, industrial, architectural, advertising, etc.? –– Industrial and architectural.

Is there an ad, a design project, or the work of a particular designer that has recently been inspiring to you? –– A surfboard ad for Hayden Shapes. The designer Daniel Arsham created a version in his style, Eroded surfboard.

Have you completed any recent design projects that were particularly exciting or interesting? If so, did you view any examples or samples of related design work?–– For my info design class we are learning about wayfinding and exhibition graphics, this has helped me understand how to design physical space.

Have you seen any great design work in other studio or history courses this semester? –– yes and no, most of the design work being shared is student work.

Are there any particular social or political issues that have been important to you recently? Are you aware of any design that addresses these issues? –– Climate change is a big one for me. I have been paying attention to packaging. Two designs that address this issue are Lavazza Coffee. They partner with rainforest alliance and are recyclability conscious. As well as the soap brand Gelo, although they have a little more work to do with packaging their goal is to help the environment.

Which readings from this class have you found to be the most relevant or resonant? –– Many but specifically to my final topic, I plan to reference Manari, for his understanding of art and design having similarities and differences. As well as the Rodchenjo and Stepanova readings the concept of “artists relaxed with technology”, and Armstrong with his how design is the universal system.

Assignment 11: To my understanding according to Steven Heller, mainstream ideas originate from underground design. This relates to contemporary design because it encompasses multiple styles. Artist learns to draw from studying the form, but then making it your own. According to the reading, an example was turning something provocative like pornography into edgy allure for ads.

For my topic the division and contract will be between architecture and industrial design. Arsham’s design is influenced by his fine art (painting) background. In 1992 he almost lost his life, due to Hurricane Andrew. The power of nature sparked his creativity of combining both architecture and industrial design. He is now a multidisciplinary artist that uses different perspectives combining unusual materials. I believe that covid started his mainstream activity, because instagram is a world wide social media platform. He bridges old and new through sculptures and photography. Taking basketballs, camera, mirrors, surfboards, magazines, vhs, and turns them into new art but also functional design. As well as the company he started SNARKITECTURE, and relating those design choices to utilizing the whole space.

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Assignment 4 – A.Crull

I enjoyed the three readings because it made me realize how a lot of what we do as designers is “born” into us. We need instruction from the academic curriculum, but No matter who we are, there is a simultaneous physical, spiritual, and intellectual function that we naturally integrate into design.

According to Gropius, all work is manifestations of our innermost selves. I enjoyed the reference to how our brain is a mathematical space in forms of numbers and dimensions (whereas I am not mathematical – but can learn to use grids) and how the hands master through the crafts, tools and machinery. I relate it to muscle memory, using an application repediatily or even typing on a keyboard. I think he means form to space, as concept to reality, or the negative space on a page.

The concept of theory being used as a recipe is a great analogy because the individual elements combined form the idea of Unity. Although I was a bit confused when they said art wants to triumph over nature, I thought they kinda go hand in hand.

With tech today I sometimes take art for granted how art comes in many forms. The typophoto contributed to graphic design because it represented the importance of both the type and the photo image. There was a balance of information and play. There are multiple ways of communicating but what stood out was the confidence Moholy-Nagy had in typography, “the typophoto governs the new visual literature”. I agree because type has its own voice and partnered with the correct copy you can tell an engaging, informative or emotional story.

Herbert Beyer agrees with Moholy-Nagy, the idea that typographic material uses distinctive optical properties of its own. The black and white values reminded me of negative space and the breathable room around type and imagery. And as much as it was fun to read small horizontal sentences, it would not work for longer text

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