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Assignment 11 for May 3

Our next reading will be a short essay by Steven Heller, from 2008, entitled The Underground Mainstream. Here is a PDF: Heller_UndergroundMainstream2008

Note that our response to this text includes a minor but important variation from our usual format: you must include 3-4 sources accessed through library databases. (I find that Jstor and Ebsco ebooks are great but you should explore a few.)

Please respond to the following prompt:
How, according to Heller, is the concept of mainstream vs. underground relevant in contemporary design? Where do the designs or the designer that you’ll be addressing for your final presentation fit into this dichotomy? What sort of underground designs influenced the work in question? In what ways has the work in question shaped the mainstream? Or how will it do so in the future? Provide full citation information for at least 3-4 sources from the library to support your response.

Part of the goal for this assignment is to make some progress on your final. We’ll check in on that progress in class on the 3rd.

Group Discussion – April 26

We’ll break into a quick group discussion this week to brainstorm ideas and topics for final presentations. Please take turns considering the following questions. Provide feedback and suggestions to your peers based on their responses.

Do you have a topic in mind for your presentation?

What sort of design would you like to address, ie. graphic, industrial, architectural, advertising, etc.?

Is there an ad, a design project, or the work of a particular designer that has recently been inspiring to you?

Have you completed any recent design projects that were particularly exciting or interesting? If so, did you view any examples or samples of related design work?

Have you seen any great design work in other studio or history courses this semester?

Are there any particular social or political issues that have been important to you recently? Are you aware of any design that addresses these issues?

Which readings from this class have you found to be the most relevant or resonant?

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