Humanity has prolonged their act of self growth through the extensive process of developing with technology. Media is the extension of the process of what human beings develop and represents how one might act or see things. There is a certain purpose for everything and the way McLuhan interprets things, they say that the wheel may be an extension of some 

human  or mental faculty, psychic or physical. It is something that is used and without it the body and system, McLuhan says that the wheel is an extension of our foot, which can be agreed upon as it shows just how The wheel is a part of a car which is designed to get us from one destination to another, the same way our legs do. Signifying that without the mind the body isn’t going to process the correct outcome to things. Without the media the body is nonexistent and the extension of media deals majorly through the body and mind. Without the body it would be non-existing causing the body to not be completely functional. The body makes everything operate therefore it is necessary for the development of media. A major hazard that might come with technological progress is the effect it has on the older generation using technology. Times get tougher as the technological society continues to advance due to everything constantly developing in society. One might be getting their mental process tested and they must develop the thought of progressing without the constant judgement by others. A lot of concepts and illustrations are often made off of following the same inspirations and illustrations which brings a larger concept to one’s art.