Though we’ve completed a semester-and-a-half of online classes, most of us are still adjusting to the virtual classroom. The following should make it easier to log in to class, work with Zoom, and make the most of our at-home classrooms. Any additional suggestions you may have are very welcome and encouraged.

Logging in to ZOOM Meetings…
The meeting ID for our weekly class session is: 841 1543 3157

You can also join by clicking this LINK.

Remember that the four letter passcode is the same as the four letter abbreviation for COMmunication Design, all in caps.

It is your responsibility to log in at the correct time. Please set a calendar reminder for yourself. (Zoom does not automatically do this.)

– Restarting your device and closing other applications greatly improves performance
– Headphones or earpieces limit background noise and help to maintain focus
– You can Unmute yourself by holding the Space Bar as you speak
– Please chime in during class by speaking up, raising your hand, or typing in the Chat window
– Virtual backgrounds are a nice way to clean your room

Class Etiquette…
– Get situated, expect class to run for the full 2-1/2 hours…
– …but find a “classroom-esque” spot to maximize attention span
– Try to keep mics muted when you’re not speaking
– Try to keep cameras on
– Chime in, participate in conversations, make your voice heard
– Be ready for breakout sessions and other participatory activities