Ever since our generations have evolved and adapted with technology, it has shaped our future, our society, our media and more. That is called the ‘medium’ of our time, it reshapes and alters patterns of social communications and personal lifestyle or habits. A brief example, compared to how students attend class, we now use technology at its best to connect to ‘zoom’, before the pandemic many students would have to physically attend to school or campus. Going through this adaptation has impacted many students to function with technology that many of the old generations such as parents or elders are unable to cooperate with because they find it to be complicated. How technology influences our generation and society leads to a concerning question for how are we going to shape our future. 

Media, today’s essential tool that reshapes the pattern of communication, where we most spend on the internet for entertainment purposes, informational research, publishing, broadcasting and more. Even today, celebrities communicate their fans through social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. It is a convenient method for people to be connected with the media, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are just a follower, the media can be shifted in any form and function, it could be for business use, personal use (possibly growth), and more. Media is another way of creating communities, where many people can join based on their preferences, interests and more. 

For how the media has shaped our society depends on how people deliver in their communities. Media can be used in any way people desire to do so, but sometimes it can be put in the wrong hands. For instance, cyber bullying is one of the common issues among adolescents, releasing false information that causes conflicts through debates, hijacking private information, and more. That is just the interior issues about the media but if we think about ourselves outside the media, think about how we are so drawn to technology that we tend to forget about reality and society itself. We must not forget that we as human beings have a responsibility on our own, our family, our community, and so on. Yes, technology can also benefit people to stay connected from anywhere and whenever possible. 

If the ‘medium’ was interpreted as a message for most designers, I think this message designates for most designers and artists in our present to realize that our technology has evolved to its capability to adapt to our creativity, our ambition and our connection to our community. There are many designers in the media competing to reach their ultimate goals but most of the work of designers are subordinate to the media, designers aren’t meant to be famed for what they do, apparently designers are only credited by their work but would never be recognized by the audience.