In McLuhan’s and Quentin Fiore’s The Medium is the Massage they focus on sharing with us how did the new media changed the world and still changing it, I think by new media he meant Tv and radio, which made information travel so fast that they described the modern living room at that time as a voting booth, This is an example of how media extends humanity, another example is the comparison they made in the book between the times of George Washington when he once said that Benj. Franklin was In Paris for a year and he hadn’t heard from him so he would send him a letter which compared to our times or the time of the author is crazy now you can reach anybody anywhere multiple times a day.

According to the reading the author believes the technological progress brings despair and anxiety, this is pretty evident throughout the book by the author’s words, and it is also referred to in the second spread by the quote “The major advances in civilization are processes that all but wreck the societies in which they occur.” A.N. Whitehead, I do not agree with the author’s point of view maybe I do not understand it right, but I think he was pointing at the cause the people are trying to approach new problems with old tools, so the problem is in the people, not the technology. Also, today media is an extension of the human body, how many people do you see around that done to have a phone hmmm 0.

Artists and designers can use the media to always change the world for the better, I agree with the author that media can Influence everything in a person’s life so If we control this media, we better make it change humans for the better. I believe a designer’s work is subordinate to the media that transfer it because the media play the role of the container of the work if the work does not fit it doesn’t matter what that piece of work was it would achieve its goal.