According to the articles, what I interpreted from both is that Authors from back then seem to be afraid of evolution and the concept of change, they always viewed technology to be a difference in which was not necessarily needed. Yet it continued to grow in our community and every designer had to adapt in order to stay in tune with everything that is happening in today’s society. A lot of the things designers do has to do with personal experience or the things in which they may have witnessed in life with fuels the creativity levels. No matter what it may be, design is always there and traveling with you, it’s all a matter of how you see the situation and draw it. Gropius believed that all work is manifestations of our innermost selves, which I truly agree on due to the fact that everyone pictures certain situations differently and it’s all a matter of how you represent them thoughts and place them on paper. It is a true cause for growth as well as you are constantly challenging yourself and the designs you create with the topics that are brought up. Typography is important to every designers design as it improves the concept the more you know the topic and what you decide on adding towards the design.