After reading these three short texts from architect-designer it helped me realize that we as  designers are meant to change how we view things. These authors of the past are frightened of the future because in their time they dint rely on visual-expression but on visual-form. Each author had their points on design but they can agree on was typography. Typography is a dedication to typeface as time change so does typeface because designers would create different variations to help their message get across to their audience. Walter Gropius talked about how the means form to space, with the negative space on a page. Typography is the key essence to design why because it creates attention to the message you are trying to send for example if you doing work for a client that is promoting rock and roll fans you would a typeface that deliver the energy or idea of rock roll like Acdc font which is called Squealer. Now you wouldn’t use that same typeface for a more soft mellow band like The Beatles. Because that gives off the wrong vibe and message to people. As designers, we might need to make a design that speaks a language that is understood easily rather than use a simple typeface that is bland or neutral that shows personality. In my opinion, Bauhaus’s ideas should be updated to remain relevant in 21st-century art and design because their design was so advanced for their time that now people are looking or being inspired to use the technique of Bauhaus to help get their message across to today audience.

-Daniel Rodriguez