Jonathan Valero – February 25

When people think of going to school they usually think of being taught the skills that they’ll need to function and thrive in the real world but that’s the traditional way of doing education. One of the major differences that we as design students face is that we are taught not just skills and fundamentals for creating good design but are also taught that we should break the rules to create these designs. This however conflicts with traditional education because we are also taught that we should always follow “the academy” as stated in  “Walter Gropius; The Theory and Organization of the Bauhaus (1923)

“But lately the artist has been mislead but the fatal and arrogant fallacy, fostered by the state that art is a profession which can be mastered by study.Schooling alone can never produce art!”

This is still as relevant today in the year 2020 as it was back in the year of 1923 there are some classes that feel like grades matter more then the art itself, the issue with this is that art is not something that should be standardized it should be an expression unique to the artist. That is what creates new groundbreaking work in out modern age creating based on new unique ideas and not just following premade conventions that have been done multiple times with no variations.

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