Andy Cuevas – February 25th


Bauhaus is a general term used by Germans to define art and all its aspects combined. It is a term used to refer to a school of art introduced in the early years in Germany.

The Bauhaus was founded by Walter Gropius whose main focus was on working in collaboration with schoolwork and the industries for efficient output. He argues that in his era art was a deficit of true beauty. He believed that every design in art needs to be approached comprehensively by analyzing the problems that need to be addressed fully. According to Laszlo Moholy-Nagy technology is one of the vital tools for art improvement in the future. Technology is an asset that can be adopted for the storage and preservation of art for a long duration of time. Photography, films and book designs are some of the tools that Laszlo used. The use of typography introduced by Herbert is another way of making and improving art in the future due to its appealing nature to people.

Education or the academy as stated by Walter is a discipline to teach artists that art is acquired as a result of much practice and deep understanding of passion and willingness of a person. It also teaches artists that art improvement goes by with time as one gets more experienced. At the start, the art may not be at a quality level but with progression, the qualities improve. However, this has been corrupted by saying that art is a profession acquired through study and not practice as Walter says.

In the modern century technology seems to be taking better in art and design. It has been highly appreciated in the art industry due to modern technological advances in the whole universe. It helps in sharing ideas and information to produce newly designed objects in the market.

The introduction of Bauhaus was important in the development of the art industry that is important to date. It is a sector that is beneficial to many people in the modern world bearing in mind the technological advances to use in improving art.


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