Alexis Vega Velez- Feb 25

1. The people of today are lacking the love for the past. “With nostalgia we hear of times when literate people had knowledge, respect and understanding of the subject. Common man today has no opinion at all in such matters… typesetter, original typographer, as well as the printer, has lost this culture.” This quote explains that back then people were passionate to consume the knowledge of typography. They were able to understand the idea, the process and much more about type. Whereas today, man has set aside the fact that type is relevant in our lives. All of these beautiful machineries that was created for us is losing their importance within history. All because we lack passion for the past.

2. When making art in the future, it is necessary to understand that technology is advancing every day and us as designers need to keep up with what is new. In Laszlo Moholy-Nagy “Typophoto” it states “One man invents printing with movable type, another photography, a third screen printing and stereotype, the next electrotype, phototype, the celluloid plate hardened by light.” Everything is going to influence something or someone and that something or someone is going to make it even better for others to improve after that.

3. According to Walter Gropius artist have been misled in thinking that art could be mastered by study. I agree with him in the sense that not everyone is made to be an artist. It starts from within and works its way through your brain, through your bones, through your finger and to the tip of your material. Within “the academy” they teach them about the past and what has been done already. This still happens today where the idea of art history is scheduled for students to understand what they are getting into.

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