hw feb 25

In comparison to the art forms of the present day, there is a conspicuous lack of “key elements” in art of the past. With the advancement of technology, as time ushered in a myriad of new expression styles and techniques, this stark contrast between ‘past’ and ‘present’ was inevitable. Architects/designers/artists, László Moholy-Nagy, Herbert Bayer and Walter Gropius are all Bauhaus affiliates with a perspective on the effect of time and preserving ideas for the future of design.

Herbert Bayer for instance, had an outlook on typography suggesting it to be a service art and not a fine art. However pure and elemental that discipline may have been, it was a service art. Bayer also goes on to address the notion that, the present day designer feels as though the typographic means as of late, have been exhausted. An idea of Bayer’s that holds impact to this day is “universal communication”.

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