Gelek Samphel – February 25th

The philosophy of the Bauhaus focuses on the needs of people rather than the artistry of the product itself. All craftsmanship aesthetics must keep up with the pace of mechanized mass production. The Bauhaus existed for only 14 years from 1919 to 1933, but the influence of the Bauhaus on the world as a thought and style continues to this day. 

The most important “heritage” left by the Bauhaus are the following: First, the Bauhaus has formed a modern design art education plane, which advocates the combination of teaching and practice, The combination of teaching and production has established a set of scientific design art teaching methods and systems, laying the foundation for modern design art education. Second, it emphasizes the social responsibility of design. The motive and purpose of design should serve the public. Third, clarify the definition of design, emphasize the scientific nature of design, distinguish it from art, and establish a design system centered on concepts and problem-solving.

The Bauhaus design style is almost ubiquitous and has profoundly influenced our lives. Such as IKEA furniture, What we can see every day, from plastic lunch boxes, men’s and women’s bathroom signs, and even small speakers, are the products of the Bauhaus movement in the early 20th century, even all of Apple products, mobile phones, computers, iPad, are filled with feelings of Bauhaus.

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