Paulina Tipantasig – February 25

From the readings,  I learned that the old art lacked many unique characteristics that might differentiate from contemporary art through time and space. Also, I learned that many years before, artists didn’t use their total potential in order to create art. Bayer thought that traditional art didn’t contain the aesthetical approach of print media and mass production because of they were not able to use machines and special tools of copying and typewriting. Gropius talks about how artists are in a state of isolation in the world. Gropius shows that past art typography was not preserved, since a Bauhaus aesthetic idea of ​​the theoretical approach was not practiced. Moholly-Nagy also shows past art lacked technology in photographic effects and in the purity of linear effects as there were no typesetting or printing machines.

Art needs to show what every artist can do in the future and the academy should teach the artist about their field due to the changing world of art. Bayer thought that typography doesn’t need to be simple but something different. With this he says that for the future, artists need to try to use something different that not only helps the new artist and the future artist. The future of art should come from a school in which you get more and more knowledge from teachers who already study what is art. Gropius argues that artists have to see the outside world, so the artist can be able to grasp the meaning of art. For Gropius is getting more experiences as well as making an exploration of what’s out there. Moholy-Nagy used art differently by combining type and photo into what is called typophoto. This is where the artist is using both two methods of art into one. All three articles talk about creativity, experience, knowledge and the combination of all of them, where these are what the future of art needs. Nagy views of typography, shows that in the future, every printing press would have to possess a block-making plant since it is from photomechanical processes. Art will help to continue preserving the history for future generations and modern society to understand the changes that are happening globally. Art in the future will preserve people’s cultures that will be important for studying history.

In the 21st century, the idea that is still used for art is typography. The reason why typography is important is because it creates a message and attracts people’s attention. Making a pretty design helps but it is not enough, it needs to put a meaning into it. Typography is important when designers want to create logos for companies such as museums, and others. Behind typography,  there are a lot of typefaces that can be used on designs, it will implement both or just or more. 

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