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Photoville is known for their outdoor photo exhibitions. They also provide workshops, talks, and education day for middle/ high school students. Each exhibition is in a small room that you’re able to transition from one concept to another within a few steps.  Most exhibitions were produced with photographs but some portrayed their message without photographs. For example, the internal ballistics that used mirrored material to show gun violence. It was successful to myself since it imitates the number of gun shots that an individual or object receives. (img 1) Then there was other exhibitions that I was able to travel to Korea and observer their city landscape, Mexico’s border and China’s streets.

   (Img 1)

The exhibition that caught my attention and found very interesting was the “Scenes Unseen: The Summer of ‘78”. In 1978 it might have been normal for people to be surrounded with graffiti everywhere. Looking back, it seems awkward and weird to see graffiti on parks property. Especially Flushing Meadow Park that attracts many tourists. (img 2)

 (Img 2)

Daniele Volpe captured a delicate moment which conveys the message that she intended to. By looking at the photograph, it makes you feel as if your in the picture. The image shows perspective and the tombs make the diagonal lines to the vanishing point. (img 3)

 (Img 3)

Out of all the photos from “People of the Ferry”, this photo caught my attention me due to its color, composition, angle and focus. The color is a vibrant yellow and the guy being the main subject. The typography on jacket makes the jacket stand out as well. If it was a guy with a yellow jacket, I would see it as a usual picture that I see on my Instagram feed. (img 4) 

 (Img 4)


Homework #1 – Adriana Hernandez



My first reaction toward this photo was heartbreaking knowing that it’s a little girl extremely hurt. I was drawn to this particular photo because it’s zoomed to the girls feet and your able to notice the wounds. I immediately captured the messages of the photo. One of the message would be behind the scenes of ballet dancers. Another message that I captured was girls with tutu may look adorable but it can brutally hurt your feet. The subject is clearly since there are no background distractions. The composition of the photo is well framed and balanced on
both sides.