Entry#2_Ethical Assignment


To be honest, I have used someone else’s creative work before. At that time, I don’t think that was a problem. It’s because I’m only using it for homework purposes and I will never use it for commercial purposes. Also, many professors told me that, you can use anything online. Since you are using it for an educational purpose and you will not profit from it. So I have used someone’s work before until I took advanced image editing. When I took image editing, we are required to use our own work. We have to take our own photo and use it to edit. I remember professor Lcarr teaching us a lesson in copyright. I learn the importance of giving credit and citing resources. So I started to site and give credits to people, the work that put it in my portfolio stated where I got the photo from and what typeface I have used.


The outcome of Ms. Fairey’s case didn’t really surprise me a lot. It’s because I know copyright is a big problem in the creative world and it happens a lot. Most of the time the outcome of violating copyright is to pay the actual dollar amount of damages and profits. However, I didn’t know that violating the copyright will put you in prison. He got put in prison for six months for saying that he owns the photograph.

I think this case is very important to the creative world because the penalties for violating are serious in this case. Not just paying the fee, you will be getting in prison. So the case gives a serious example of don’t try to violate copyright.

“Shepard Fairey And AP Settle Copyright Dispute Over ‘Hope’ Poster.” Npr, 2011, www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2011/01/12/132860606/shepard-fairey-and-ap-settle-copyright-dispute-over-hope-poster.

Entry#1_Ethical Assignment

According to the chapters of what I read in the AIGA Guide. I found out that the chapters on “the use of photography” stood out the most. The AIGA said that photographer will sell their photos for a license not the copyright of the photo. This stood me out a lot because photography is something that related to me a lot during my internship. I was working with a lot of photos in making brochures. Before starting to make it, Tk told me that they have brought a few stock photos for the program. But when I open the stock photos folder I don’t think the photos fit what we are doing. So I ask Tk to buy some stock photos for future use. At the same time, I looked at other websites such as Pexel and Pixabay for license-free photos.

“Resources.” AIGA, www.aiga.org/resources.

On the other hand, I didn’t sign a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement for the internship. However, I understand the importance of the agreement. And I have mentioned that with Tk before. I ask her about, can I show this in my portfolio or internship class as progress. Sometimes her response to me is yes, sometimes no. So, I understand that not everything can show or tell others. Some of the projects that I worked with aren’t published by our clients yet. So I couldn’t show it to the class.

“Non Disclosure Agreement.” Scribd,


Blog#11_Spring Break


Spring break is coming up and TK had a meeting with me before she starts her break. During the meeting, she announced to me that she’s going to have her spring break where she will spend her own time for around two weeks. I ask her “what will you do during the break?” She told me that she’s having a break at Hudson River, having her boat tour and she booked a house at Airbnb where she can enjoy a slow and peaceful afternoon where she can sit on the bench and looking at the sunset. Then I ask her “so you will be out of the office for days and what do you want me to do during the break? What will you assign me?” Her response to my questions is “nothing, just enjoy your time for a week. Go touch some grass and meet your friends and families during spring break.” So, I’m going to have a break too! Yey!

Blog#10_ Goodbye my friend

This week, Tyrah finished her internship hours and she was here for the last week. We wrap things up and we say goodbye to Tyrah. We have a final meeting with her! She made a presentation of what she did during her internship period… Such as her SOP, market research, and competitor research. She points out what we are missing as our program compares to other business programs. We don’t have a social media account such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to promote our program. After her presentation, she handed everything to Shahana to follow up. Since Shahana started her internship late. She got more hours than us. So she will probably stay a little bit longer with Tk. Lastly, We say thank you to her for everything that she did. It’s nice to work with you Tyrah!


Blog#9_ What I learned as an intern


In the middle of my internship, I learned more about copyrights and a bit of finance. I learned more about copyright because Moving past a million has brought fewer stock photos than I think. I remember one of my journals before I wrote about that. I ask Tk about do we have stock photos for our deliverables and she said we have some. But when I take a look at the files, there’s not enough for the number of pages that we are going to create and some of the photos don’t even fit our scenario. So, I searched a lot of websites for photos and I was thinking about can I use these photos in the deliverables. Or, if I use it will I get in trouble due to copyright. It’s because I heard of copyrights before in class. However, I don’t know copyright very well. Such as what are the penalties, how is copyright developed and where does copyright exist. So I took a look into copyright. I realized that copyright was being developed the moment someone took the photo. To use a photo that was created by someone I have to give credit to the person. If you have used something copyrighted, you will be charged for work infringed. This is what I learned while I’m making the deliveries.

The second thing that I learned was financing. I went through a few meetings about how to finance and invest with Tk during our daily meeting session. Since the program and my supervisor, Tk is more towards the business side. So she taught me how to do finance, investment, and save money as a young adult. I would comment on Tk as a nice supervisor who is trying her best to help you as an intern, and try to give tips to you to have a better future.

Blog#8_CopyRight and License Free


As I was working on the deliverables for TK. I asked her “Have we brought stock photos for our program?”  And she answered me “ We have a few but not much,” So I researched a lot of photos online and started to look at is it license free, is there copyright and do I have to give credits to the photographer? It’s because when I do school work, things aren’t money related. As a student we can use anything that we like because we aren’t publishing it. But when we are working in the field we have to keep a mind to it. Or, we are going to get in trouble. From what I found out, photos from Pexels and Pixabay are license free, where you don’t have to give credits to the photographer. Here’s the site :www.pexels.com/ , https://pixabay.com/ 


Some of the sites that I found that have great stuff in it are vecteezy and freepik. They are the sites that have a lot of elements like mockup, photos, vector and raster images. However, in order to use it we need memberships or give credits to the author. 

Here’s the site: https://www.freepik.com/  , https://www.vecteezy.com/

Blog#7_Responsibilities and Duties

After I set up a schedule with Tk and finished off training. The first thing that I did for my internship was to create a layout for deliverables and expectations that were drafted by the MPM. MPM is a program called “Moving Past A Million ”, the program was being developed by the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The program serves the purpose of helping people develop new businesses. So the deliverable was a brochure that MPM wanted me to create and sent out to our business partners and our upcoming clients. I was working on this project with other interns in a group of three. Their names were Tyrah and Shahana. They are both from Brooklyn College. However, they all come from different majors. I think Shahana was studying human resources and Tyrah was studying business management.

In this internship, my duties was to create layouts, write tag-lines that promote upcoming events, and create brochure. Meanwhile, Tyrah and Shahana were communicating with the client closely, looking for the client’s needs and goals. We often have a virtual group meeting on Zoom and Microsoft team every Friday to discuss the information we got from the client this week, which direction we are approaching and how is everyone doing for this week. 


Here’s a few pages of the deliverables :



Blog#6_ Finance session During Women History Month

I have joined an orientation and finance session that Tk hosted earlier in March. The meeting was about women’s history months and how people should finance as a company and as an individual. Especially as a woman, you should keep a mind about money. You need to save money, spend money wisely and invest in things. Everyone who attended the meeting was from the Brooklyn Navy Yard, they are all directors, managers, interns, and MPM’s partner. The session was great. I learned more finance skills and have an idea that I have to save money “ the earlier the better” and we shouldn’t use up every single paycheck that we get. The money that you save today will help you one day. 

On the other hand, I have learned a bit of American history from the meeting. I have heard about the story of Sojourner Truth, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Amelia Earhart. They are all famous females throughout history. Amelia Earhart is an American Aviator who has championed a lot of women in aviation and she has many records. So she is considered one of the women figures. On the other side, Eleanor Roosevelt and Sojourner Truth are more like political figures. Sojourner Truth is a former slave and she’s outspoken for abolition. Eleanor Roosevelt was the first lady who wrote magazine columns and hosted weekly shows. She is an inspiring and powerful person. In the end, I would say that I enjoyed the session with Tk and the attendees were very nice and knowledgeable from their presentation and speech that they did. 

Here is the agenda for the meeting:



Blog#5_ SOPs with Shahana & Tyrah

Shahana and Tyrah are both interns that I work with within MPM. We are always working as a team and they are my new friends! They are college students that study a different major. Shahana was studying human resources and Tyrah was studying business management and they are both from Brooklyn College. So we talked about SOPs with Tk, Tyrah, and Shahana in the Microsoft team. I have never heard of SOP before and I brought up the question to them: what is an SOP? They answered my question by sharing their documents with me. So an SOP is a procedure specific to your operation. This means SOP is a draft that has all the procedures and details that you need to have. As simple as we have to eat breakfast. Then they will list out the procedures such as buying food the day before, waking up at 6 tomorrow, cooking the egg with a pan, and eventually eating breakfast. So SOP was being created in all of the projects that we are working on. Eventually, we will follow all the procedures or we will make a change. I think SOP is a procedure that all of us should have when we do something, not only a business event. It’s because creating an SOP will give you a guide of what you should do and how you do it. 

Here’s the document that Tyrah shared with me with the project for the Women History Month meeting.



Blog#4_Self Evaluation

In the middle of my internship (nearly 80 hours),  I would like to do a self evolution. I will do another one at the end and trying to see did I change or not.

At this moment I would say that we all did a great job as an intern. I couldn’t say I did a good job because I was working in a team with Tyrah and Shahana. I need to give credits to my team members as well. I said that we did a good job because all of us aren’t experienced like TK or Edwin. But we worked out as a team. Tk gives us a lot of freedom in our work. She let us have our decision-making, she often said: “I don’t know. You are the boss here, you show us what is the best solution to these problems. I’m here to look at them and approve them”. So I was having freedom of picking colors, fonts, and ways to present the work. I know that I have been kept saying that I’m glad that we made it out as a team. It’s because all of us are still in college, we are busy with traffic, class, projects, and the job itself. When everything is happening on the same day it’s very harsh. So we understand each other’s situation and we take each other’s roles and shifts to try to make things soft if it’s necessary.

Talking about communication, if I being miss informed by TK, I would just snap TK a text message and ask her for clarification. If TK is very busy and she doesn’t reply, Then I go to Shahana or Tyrah and ask them about it.

Here’s one of the conversations that I have with Shahana asking about the meeting that has been hosted in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.