Love, War, & Exile

On Saturday, I attended the ” Love, War and Exile” exhibition by Chagall at the Jew Museum. Attended it made me realize how much I miss going to museums. We were assigned to take photographs at the museum, but photographs are not allowed. So I took notes about the paintings. I focused on the colors and values that I saw.

These were my notes:

  • “The Vilna Synagogue”- lots of chromatic grays and primary colors and I found one muted pink
  • “Sleeping Talmudist”- focused a lot of chromatic grays, a few muted colors such as pink and yellow and only one primary color  yellow.
  • “Interior of a Synagogue in Safed”- used many different blues, muted blue and chromatic blues
  • “The Lovers” and “Lovers Amount the Lilacs” had a mix of muted and chromatic pinks and blues
  • “The Crucifix” used gouache paint and had lots of chromatic colors
  • “Calvary” uses many primary colors

I also saw a quote that I loved –

 “Should I paint the earth, the sky, my heart?
The cities burning, my brothers fleeing?
My eyes in tears
Where should I run and fly, to whom?”

Then I saw two classmates and we entered quickly to a different exhibition about fashion. We took a photo inside this cool mirror house.


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