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One reason why I like working in groups is because you get to listen to everyone’s ideas and opinion. You have to work together to get the jump done. My group was abit awkward at first. We began talking and started working. We were drawing, glueing, cutting out red, yellows and orange from are scraps. We weren’t able to to finish in class. This is how it looked.

What my group did in class. (The letter "I" is missing)

What my group did in class. (The letter “I” is missing)

I decided that I would take it home and finish it. We felt that the foreground was distracting. Also the letter did stand out from the foreground. With this I started to think about ways to fix this. Some area were not to same red, so I covered them up. I covered the letters with a color that would make it standout. Finally I added some flames from one of my favorite spicy chips…”Flaming Hot Cheetos”. In conclusion, I think it came out well. Hopefully my classmates and group mates will agree.

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