What if you Could Choose Between the Fastest Route and the Most Beautiful, by Lex Berko, Is a article that explains how nowadays with Mobile navigation apps, they only take you from point A, to point B in the shortest way possible. Berko explains that this current use of a mobile app becomes boring and non – enthusiastic. Berko wants to make a way that you can get to your location, while also being able to enjoy your walk and its scenery. He conducts an experiment with some people, showing them alternate routes and its scenery and asks them, which route would you rather take and which one looks more pleasant. After gathering the results, it was clear that most people do want to enjoy a peaceful or beautiful scenery as they are walking from point A to point B.

After reading the article, i have to agree with Berko’s experiment and say it is more lively to walk a path that has a more appealing scenary surrounding the area. It get boring going through the same path over and over again, with the same old, boring look. I would rather try and find another route that i can walk through and be able to smile at the appealing scenery that surrounds the area. I feel others should support this as well, since now adays, we live in a more depressing time. Little things like this can do alot to brighten up a persons day in their life.

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