After Completing Project Number 5, our final project in this semester,  I’ve learned a lot about writing and essay in a different format and perspective. I would have to say that this project was both one of the easiest and hardest projects i had to work on, mainly due to what i said earlier about writing in a different format and perspective. Although writing in a different perspective isn’t too difficult, writing an essay in a form of a Museum catalog was. It was something that i never attempted before, so naturally, i looked more into it and found a source on the internet that helped me organize my ideas when I was writing it. With the help of the outside source, it made the project a little bit more clear and easier. Overall i thought it was a rather interesting experience having to write a essay in such a format, also the fact that the final project was combined with the final project for our Adv1100 course, It has definitely improved my writing skills and showed me something new that was somewhat entertaining to do and think about.

Now that we have reached the end of the semester, i can look back on the writing i did from point A, and compare it to now, seeing that my writing skills have improved one assignment at at time. But there will always be room for improvement in the future, as i continue my route of understanding English writing and its various forms. I have to thank my amazing professor, Ms.Rosen for guiding our class for the first year, helping us understand these new techniques and ideas, along with the rest of the learning community. I really do believe that first year students can learn a lot from her and will move on to succeed in college just like the rest of us.

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