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Without Sound

With Sound

This took quite sometime to make, at first it was rather frustrating to get everything working, but as you work, you begin to learn things along the way, that’s how it was with this project. but eventually the frustration lead to success. I feel that’s the main lesson to take out of this experience, and It’s that Failure and struggles will lead to success after enough practice and patience. Overall, it took me about 4 hours to complete this, and by the looks of it, I’m satisfied with the final product.

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Completed Color wheel

Completed Color wheel

Here is my completed color wheel for our next project. I decided for this free study to use the normal color wheel, but add a little more to it. Those icons that are centered on every color are icons used in Poke’mon the card game, as each color stands for its respective element. Fire (red), Psychic (purple), Water (Blue), Grass (Green), Electric (Yellow), and Dragon (Orange). This is the second one i made after the first attempt i did in class, although when i look at it, i can see that i added too much water in some areas, and i am considering doing it over again from scratch, but in the mean time, ill settle for what I have. this took me about 30 minutes to finish.

Narrow (Low Key)

Narrow (Low Key)



Here are my collages for Project #3

For the first One, i was making my focus the bell shaped figure, surrounded by a dark frame (disregard the gloss around it, the lighting was not the best in the pictures). As for the second one, i went for variety, although it feels a bit lopsided, but i wanna see what others think i should do before i make major changes to it. does it need more or lesss? I would appriciate some feedback.

Throughout the time of completing this project, i feel that i have learned a lot from it. In completing this project, ive learned that when you are writing a paper, no matter the topic or subject, you should always take the time to think about what to write in it, and organize those idea’s in a draft, giving an even better idea for your final draft. Probably the one aspect im proud of when it comes to my work is the amount of detail i put into my work, although i still think it could use a bit more detail. As to points where i can use work on, i could work on using a more complex vocabulary, rather than break everything down into simple words. Another aspect i could woork on is trying not to explain a main point so breifly, when it comes to writing about a important event, you should take your time and add all the important details, so the reader can get a better scence of the situation and why that specific event was so important. Probably my number one aspect that needs work is gettimg my work in on time, since that is probably the number one aspect everyone needs when they apply a job and are under a time limit with a project or report.